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Urology Division

All urologists in our hospital have received complete urology training at the Tri-Service General Hospital and are specialized in learning. Not only has accumulated more than ten years of clinical experience, but also continues to participate in relevant seminars and continuing education, striving to keep pace with the latest knowledge and technology. All kinds of urologic surgery are all well-prepared, capable of providing the most professional consultation and treatment for soldiers and the public in Huadong area Quality medical services.

Based on the existing manpower and resources, we will strengthen services for patients and continue to improve the quality of medical care. Encourage clinical and basic research and accelerate personnel training. To enhance communication, interaction, and cooperation with the urology departments of hospitals above the medical center level, to jointly respond to the changes and challenges of the medical environment and improve the quality of medical care. Combining community medical care and preventive medicine, provide public health education and publicity work, and jointly reduce the recurrence rate of various diseases. Strengthen updated medical information and the best equipment and technology to provide patients with more complete and perfect medical services.

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view:706updated date:2024-04-15Back