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Introduction of Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital (HAFGH).

Located in Hsin-Cheng Township, in Hualien, the HAFGH has been in operation for sixty years. Through the excellent patronage of our predecessors over the years, our hospital has come to be regarded as the leading hospital in Hualien.

It has been our honor to administer medical services primarily to military personnel, yet our work in civilian medicine remains significant. Continuing to attend advanced courses and keeping up with the latest developments in medicine, our doctors and personnel maintain the highest level of quality care. That, along with a charitable heart, has allowed us to remain a first-rate institution.

The civilian population has often regarded us as a military unit rather than a general hospital, but in recent years, through our non-stop services and expert medical skills, we have earned a reputation as the most outstanding medical care facility in Hualien County.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to invite you to enjoy our services, but we are always prepared to serve those in need. However, if you happen to be in Hualien, we would be honored to receive visitors.

The HAFGH is conveniently located on major bus routes, and is directly across the street from the Hualien Airport. Upon visiting our institution, you will be enchanted by the spectacular mountain scenery and the lush countryside that surrounds us.

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view:1,498updated date:2024-04-03Back