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Colon and Rectal Surgery Division

The items of undergraduate diagnosis and treatment cover all colorectal diseases and anal diseases. One of the main features of the undergraduate program is that it has an advanced minimally invasive operating room, which adopts various minimally invasive laparoscopic operations for colorectal disease operations; it also introduces a number of advanced surgical equipment and instruments for anal diseases such as hemorrhoids and anal canals. Provide appropriate treatment according to each patient’s condition, reduce surgical trauma, and reduce postoperative pain and discomfort; in addition, the department also provides a variety of colorectal and anal examinations, including painless colonoscopy and joint family medicine, The Department of Gastroenterology jointly promotes cancer prevention and health education to enhance the public’s health knowledge about cancer screening.

Future outlook

The department adheres to the treatment standards of each specialty and encourages the creation of new treatment methods. In addition to continuing to send and train specialists, it also strengthens the interaction and cooperation with other departments and departments so that patients can receive the best care. In line with the consistent service enthusiasm, constantly absorb new knowledge, strengthen the professional skills of colleagues, and fully develop chest, lung, esophageal surgery, etc., choose “quality” and “efficiency” as the core competitiveness to take care of patients in Hualien area, and provide comprehensive services Directional medical services.

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view:686updated date:2024-04-15Back