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General Surgery Division

There are various subspecialties within general surgery, such as digestive surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, endocrine surgery, and breast surgery.

All the attending physicians of the undergraduate course are graduates from the Tri-Service General Hospital and have sufficient learning experience from various teaching hospitals.

Tuture outlook

The department adheres to the treatment standards of each specialty, encourages the creation of new treatment methods, and strengthens the interaction and cooperation with other departments and departments, so that patients can receive the best care. In line with the consistent service enthusiasm, constantly absorbing new knowledge, strengthening the professional skills of colleagues, fully developing endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive and vascular surgery, choosing “quality” and “efficiency” as the core competitiveness to take care of patients in Hualien area , providing a full range of medical services.

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view:1,249updated date:2024-04-15Back