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New technology in the treatment of urolithiasis

Taiwan is one of the countries where stones are prevalent. In the treatment of urinary tract stones, about 70% to 80% of patients can be successfully treated with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. General extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy machines use X-rays to search and locate stones. During the stone crushing process, when the patient breathes, the stones in the body will also move. In order to confirm that the shock wave hits the stones, X-rays must be used. Repeated irradiation to adjust the position of the stone, the patient will inevitably receive too much radiation dose under long-term X-ray irradiation; and as the human body breathes, the position of the stone will move out of the shock wave focus area, and the shock wave does not hit the stone correctly at this time. According to statistics, the hit rate of stones is only about 46%. Others only hit the surrounding tissues and blood vessels of the stones, which can easily lead to side effects such as hematuria and bruises, and even serious complications such as kidney bleeding or other internal organ damage.

Our hospital has introduced a new type of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter, which is equipped with X-ray and ultrasound dual positioning systems. X-ray images and ultrasound images of stones can be displayed simultaneously or switched in real time. The location of the stone can be automatically located by irradiating once at each degree, and then the location of the stone will be monitored by the non-radiation ultrasound. In addition to greatly improving the impact rate of the shock wave, increasing the efficiency of lithotripsy, and reducing the damage to surrounding tissues, reducing pain and complications Disease, the whole process of lithotripsy does not require anesthesia or analgesics, avoiding unnecessary risks of anesthesia. During the treatment process, there is no need to irradiate with X-rays, so patients will not receive excessive radiation doses.

The hospital is constantly committed to improving the quality of medical care, and has introduced world-class lithotripsy machines, which are painless, precise, and safe, to provide the best medical services for the military and civilians in Huadong.

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view:687updated date:2024-04-15Back