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From the Superintendent

Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital is located in Xincheng Township , Hualien, and has been established for almost fifty years. During this period our hospital has gradually grown step by step, thanks to our previous superintendents’ dedicated and hard-working management. Now our hospital has become the a hospital on a sizable scale in the eastern area.

The present hospital has more than 300 beds, and in addition to being responsible for military personnel in the eastern area, we also have responsibility for retired service personnel and their family members’ health care. We also provide public medical service, coordinated with the National Health Insurance, to provide medical treatment and service to the general public in the Huadong area.

The Huadong area is remotely situated, and many mountainous areas, villages and townships lack sufficient medical treatment resources. Since its establishment, this hospital has been positively engaged in community medical service, conducting irregular and free medical service in Hualien’s various remote villages and townships, and making efforts to contribute to the quality of Huadong area’s medical service.

As Taiwan’s society is gradually advancing in age, the old age population ratio is gradually increasing in the social population structure. Also growing day by day is the demand for old-age medical services and health care. This hospital has been diligent in recent years and spared no effort regarding old age medical services, regularly scheduled examinations by a doctor, providing immediate, complete and considerate overall medical health care and service. Finally, I wish everyone good health, both in mind and body, and a joyful life!

The Hospital's Operational Aims

  1. Integrate regional military medical service resources, strengthen military personnel to serve, and support the military mission(s) to be carried out.
  2. To be one of the service-oriented regional medical teaching institutions, through the information platform as a base to set-up a civilian and regional military health databank, through service, analysis, research, sharing, development, promote armed forces medicine and quality community medical service, and creating new values.
  3. Strengthen regional strategy alliances, in order to achieve reciprocal benefits of division of tasks and the goal of resources sharing.
  4. Complete the development and integration of the caring system with the hospital’s psychiatric treatment.
  5. Strengthen the severely ill, care for emphysema patients and manage the various chronic disease cases.


  1. To coordinate with the central and local health administrations promoting various medical health care policies, to advance preventive health care, and maintain civilian health, as well as become a responsible hospital for the Hualien regional medical service and emergency medical treatment networks.
  2. To coordinate the central health insurance bureau and eastern sub-bureau in carrying out various health insurance service operations.
  3. To promote medical service and health care correlation service among military personnel in the eastern area in order to maintain the military’s combat strength.

The Hospital's Vision

To become the Huadong area’s community hospital, and the most trusted by the public.


Through handling community and civilian daily health, achieve and maintain the safety of Huadong’s military personnel and civilians in wartime.

Core Values

  1. Provide convenient, innovative, high quality and humanitarian medical service.
  2. Stabilized growth and sustainable management.
  3. Education and training, research development, cultivation of talented individuals, and development of foresighted medical service.

Management Strategy

  1. Strengthen hospital and clinic medical services’cooperation, fully utilizing local resources, and actively developing various kinds of cooperative relations.
  2. Enhance quality medical service, actively committing the hospital to positive marketing, planning and work, while simultaneously carrying out cost control and quality control procedures.
  3. Proactively take initiative to share experiences of superb medical service, of an expanded neurology department, physical therapy department, community medical service, etc., with the public.

Hospital Services

Service project:

outpatient service, the emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, diagnosis and treatment.

Outpatient service times:

  1. Monday-Friday: Morning 09:00 to 12:00
  2. Afternoon 14:00 to 17:00
  3. Evening 19:00 to 21:00
  4. Saturday: Mornings 09:00 to 12:00

Service address and telephone:

  1. Main hospital: No. 163 Chia-Li Road, Chia-Li Village , Sincheng Township , Hualien County. +886-3-826-3151-2 and 826-0601
  2. Chin Fong Clinic:No. 100 Shou-Feng Street, Hualien. +886-3-833-5730 and 833-5736
  3. Taroko Outpatient Service Center : No. 101 Fu-Shih Village , Sioulin Township , Hualien County. +886-3-861-2407

Telephone for appointments or registration:

+886-3-826-3151 extension 815605 or 815712

Times for appointments or registration:

  1. Monday-Friday morning 09:30-12:00
  2. Afternoon 14:30-17:00
  3. Saturday morning 08:00-12:00

Service website:

Information about Medical Examinations

This hospital accepts civilians carrying the Health Insurance IC card, the pregnant woman’s (child’s) booklet, identification card and related documentation. They receive preferential treatment when going to see a physician at the General Hospital in Peipu, Taroko, and Chin Fong Outpatient Service Centers for medical examinations.

  1. Military personnel, veterans, should show identification card(s) when going see a doctor, and are exempt from paying a registration fee or partial payments.
  2. Residents of Sincheng and Sioulin townships need to only pay NT$25 to see a doctor. Special medical units going to see a doctor are exempt from the registration fee.
  3. Registration fees -Outpatient service: NT$50; emergency medical treatment: NT$100
  4. Partial payment-Outpatient service: NT$240; emergency medical treatment: NT$300

Dental Department

Dental registration fees-outpatient service: NT$50; Emergency treatment: NT$100 Partial payments-outpatient service: NT$50; Emergency treatment: NT$150

High usage of outpatient service and medication fee is according to the Health Bureau announced expense.

Preferential Treatment for Military Personnel

  1. Outpatient service for military personnel, emergency medical treatment, as well as hospitalization, diagnosis and treatment are completely free.
  2. Prepare various kinds of certifications (not including military draft or lawsuit with diagnosis certification), but prepares two on principle.
  3. Military troops and cadets hospitalization and meals without charge, with individual’s military unit footing the bill, but must not exceed daily allowance. If any copy of medical service correlation data is needed, is charged by the hospital according to the cost.

Convenient Measures

Various services:

  1. Service counter: case applications and outpatient information and registration
    +886-3-826-3151 extension 815708
  2. Medical Service Section: application for various certifications
    +886-3-826-3151 extension 815702
  3. Cashier and Registration Counter: Payments, on site registration, appointment and registration
    +886-3-826-3151 extensions 815605 and 815712

Public consultations and appeal pipeline:

  1. Nutrition Room: diet nutrition and dietetic hygiene consultation
    +886-3-826-3151 extension 815707
  2. Pharmacy: Medicine use and drug consultation
  3. Psychiatry Department: Mood and pressure relief consultation
  4. Hygiene Consultation Room: Preventive health care and health education consultation
    +886-3-826-3151 extension 815711
  5. Physical Examination Room: Various physical examination procedures and consultations
  6. Information Room: Various information software and hardware used in consultation
  7. Appeals Center: Medical Service Section +886-3- 826-3151 extension 815702
  8. Appeals Mailbox: Each outpatient service has have a direct mailbox

Convenient Information :

The hospital website is and its overall classification construction and contents include:
This hospital’s introduction of the medical departments, diagnosis and treatment services, transportation instructions, the most recent news, a suggestion mailbox, My e-government, a health bulletin board, and so on