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The Hospital's Vision

To become the Huadong area’s community hospital, and the most trusted by the public.


The Hospital’s Vision: To become Eastern Taiwan’s community hospital, and the most trusted by the public.

Through handling community and civilian daily health, achieve and maintain the safety of Eastern Taiwan’s military personnel and civilians in wartime.

Core Values

  • Provide convenient, innovative, high quality and humanitarian medical service.
  • Stabilized growth and sustainable management.
  • Education and training, research development, cultivation of talented individuals, and development of foresighted medical service.

Management Strategy

  • Strengthen cooperation between hospital and clinic medical services’, fully utilizing local resources, and actively developing various kinds of cooperative relations.
  • Enhance the quality of medical service, actively committing the hospital to positive marketing, planning and work, while simultaneously carrying out cost control and quality control procedures.
  • Take the initiative in sharing experiences in superb medical service, of the expanded neurology department, physical therapy department, community medical service and other units, with the public.