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To become the community hospital of eastern Taiwan, and one of the most trusted hospitals by the public.


  1. To coordinate with Hualien County Government and Hualien County Health Bureau to promote health care policies and engage in preventive care programs to maintain civilian health.
  2. To become the responsible hospital for medical service and emergency care in medical networks of Hualien county.
  3. To coordinate with National Health Insurance Administration in Ministry of Health and Welfare as well as its eastern branch, to carry out various health insurance service programs.
  4. To promote medical and health care service among military personnel in the eastern area to maintain the combat power of military.

Core Values

  1. To provide services base on human needs.
  2. To promote health and reinforce dignity of patients.
  3. To treat patients with compassion and benevolence.

Management Strategy

  1. Short-term goals: Increasing budget for advanced medical equipment and improved service quality through increasing reimbursement from health insurance, expanding programs of out-of-pocket services, and maintaining manpower of physicians and surgeons.
  2. Middle-term goals: Foster specialists and invest in the advanced medical equipment to promote capacities for critical care and specialty care.
  3. Long-term goals: Build medical facility for critical care and specialty care, and keep on training specialists and fostering novices to provide demanding medical services in local Hualien.
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view:1,602updated date:2023-05-02Back