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Outpatient clinic: the scope includes neurosis, insomnia, psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder and other diseases.

Emergency: Our hospital is responsible for emergency psychiatric medical evacuation in North Hualien District. It provides 24-hour emergency and accepts referrals from the medical network.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment: This hospital is the first psychiatric hospital in Hua County to implement drug addiction treatment. It is still the benchmark hospital for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction in Hualien County, and has repeatedly won the honor of the first place in supervision.

Full-day hospitalization in acute and chronic wards: receive intensive medication, psychological and occupational therapy from outpatient, emergency or transfer.

The psychiatric nursing home accommodates chronic mental patients and trains residents to live independently and take care of themselves.

Home treatment; currently from Heping in the north to Tongmen in the south, the undergraduate course serves nearly 100 home patients every month. Each physician visits the patient in person.

Compulsory hospitalization and compulsory community treatment in the psychiatric department; the number of compulsory treatment for undergraduates over the years is the highest in Hualien, providing the most effective treatment model for serious patients who have no sense of illness and are in danger of safety.
Notes from inpatients in various departments of the hospital

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view:1,181updated date:2024-04-15Back