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Development characteristics
All undergraduate physicians have completed specialist and sub-specialist training in the medical center. They are specialized in learning and provide comprehensive care and consulting services such as prevention and treatment of children’s diseases. In addition to professional medical care, we also pay special attention to children’s preventive health care, deeply cultivate the community, and provide better services to take care of our next generation. From June 2015 to 2017, it was subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to promote the “Pediatric Emergency Quality Improvement Plan”, providing pediatric emergency services with pediatric specialist consultations, and purchasing the latest children’s emergency medical equipment to improve the quality of pediatric emergency care.

Future Outlook
Health starts from a small age and cultivates healthy future national leaders.
Deeply cultivate the concept of preventive health care to prevent diseases.
To be the best child care center in the local area.
Provides a full range of children’s health care.
Promote preventive health care and various activities for children in the community, and build a healthy and healthy home concept

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view:1,157updated date:2024-04-15Back