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The Department of Nephrology currently has 1 chief nephrologist and 5 dialysis nurses. The department provides renal function testing and consultation, treatment of electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, hypertension, diabetes, various kidney disease treatment, blood and peritoneal dialysis treatment, etc., and cooperates with the chronic kidney disease care plan to help patients understand the diet of chronic kidney disease , drugs, and life precautions to delay the progression of kidney disease. The Department reopened the hemodialysis center on October 17, 2011. Currently, there are 15 beds, and an audio-visual system is installed on each dialysis bed, in order to provide a high-quality and comfortable dialysis environment and improve the quality of dialysis for patients. Provide hemodialysis and blood purification therapy for uremia and poisoning patients.

service items
Treatment of emergency patients in nephrology department.
Emergency and intensive care for critically ill nephrology patients.
Hemodialysis and various blood purification treatments.
Diagnosis and treatment of various toxicology.
Interpretation and consultation of various blood and urine biochemical and electrolyte tests.
Long-term follow-up of chronic kidney disease patients in the nephrology clinic.
Assist in arranging kidney-related imaging examinations.

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view:1,230updated date:2024-04-15Back