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September 2017 News


 Mobile payment has become a global trend. The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) has launched its first QR-Code payment system as of mid-September this year, for the insured, individuals in Category 6, and employers of foreign workers. Starting from August 2017, QR Code will be displayed on NHI payment slips, enabling payment of NHI premiums using a current account or a credit card simply by scanning the QR code on the payment slip with a mobile device to complete online payment, without having to step outdoors.

The NHIA states that to facilitate premium payment, a wide range of payment methods is being rigorously developed, including over-the-counter payments at financial institutions, scheduled debit payments via bank savings accounts or credit cards, ATMs, and convenience store payments. With the prevalence of Internet use over the years, diverse payment channels have been established, including Internet banking ATM, online transfers using current accounts (ebill nationwide payment network), online credit cards (e-government platform), and the NHI Mobile App, all of which enable the general public to pay their premiums more conveniently.

From mid-September this year, the NHIA will add QR-Code on NHI payment slips and child care payment slips that are posted monthly or bi-monthly. This enables mobile phone (and tablet) users to scan the QR-Code by using a built-in or downloaded QR-Code scanning app on their mobile devices, which directs them to the NHI Premium Payment Section, where they must follow the on-screen instructions after confirming the payment amount and choosing the method of payment to complete the online payment process.

The NHIA states that payments via QR-Code scanning do not require linking to a credit card or financial institution account. Not only can individuals who are enrolled under district offices and employers of foreign workers use any of their current accounts or credit cards to pay their NHI premium, registered companies can also pay their premiums by using their business savings accounts or the credit card of the person-in-charge. Everyone and insurance applicants are encouraged to utilize these convenient methods of payment.

From: National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare

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view:2,089updated date:2017-09-14Back