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September 2017 News


Mrs. Chen moved from Kaohsiung to live with her son in Taitung, forcing her to visit a Taitung hospital instead of the one she had been accustomed to. Due to her old age, Mrs. Chen was unable to provide details of her medical history and medication usage, and her son was unclear of his mother’s physical condition, treatment status, and medical examinations. Some information is inevitably omitted during the process of getting information across to the doctor; and without any knowledge of Mrs. Chen’s past medical diagnoses and test results, the doctor was unable to understand her condition immediately, leading to problems for both parties. By downloading My Health Bank, Mrs. Chen’s son was able to show the doctor her medical visit records and test reports in past 3 years, thus boosting the physician-patient relationship and helping the doctor get to know his/her patient at their first consultation. Having a full understanding of a new patient’s past 3 years of medical history can help doctors get acquainted with their patients quickly, which reduces the inconvenience patients feel when visiting another hospital. This also ensures safe medication use and prevents repeated examinations.

Advantages of My Health Bank:

Safe use of medication

  Safe use of medication has always been the main issue of concern for insurers. Some medications, when taken together, generate an interactive effect that poses health risks to the patient. Safe use of medication is an issue of concern for NHIA, which is why the Administration encourages the general public to download My Health Bank and provide their past 3 years of medical history to their doctors as reference.

Prevention of repeated examinations

  My Health Bank provides immediate reference for doctors, preventing them from issuing the same health tests again and preventing patients from having to go through the pain and risk of repeated medical tests.

Easy patient–doctor communication

  You can print the information on My Health Bank or link the app to your mobile phone so that when you visit a new doctor, you can simply show the doctor the information on My Health Bank to quickly update him/her on all your past visits at other hospitals and help your doctor provide the correct prescriptions and treatment, thereby enhancing health care safety and benefits.

Having your medical info on hand at all times

  My Health Bank integrates the health databases of different medical institutions, enabling you to access a comprehensive range of information from a single portal without having to travel back and forth between different institutions.

Saves time and money

  There is no need to apply for access to your medical Visit history at every hospital. This saves both your time and energy.

Autonomous health management

  My Health Bank serves to provide you with your personal information, including matters related to your health such as previous consultations and allergies, to help you with tasks such as arranging for an appointment with your doctor, scheduling a time to have your teeth cleaned, or using adult preventive healthcare service. This enables you to seek proper assistance from professionals of a Community Medical Group, learn health-related knowledge and skills suited to your needs, and ultimately enhance your ability to manage and care for your own health.

  My Health Bank serves to provide NHI insured with their personal health-related information, enables insured to exercise their right to know their health care information, and enhances measures to make it more convenient for insured to manage their own health. This innovative online service integrates a massive volume of health-related data collected by multiple agencies (Department of Medical Affairs, Health Promotion Administration, Centers for Disease Control) and units (over 20,000 health care institutions). With this service, beneficiaries can simply use the Internet and their Citizen Digital Certificate or NHI card which has been register to apply for a My Health Bank account and immediately download their health care information to effectively manage their own health or provide it to physicians when they seek medical attention from multiple hospitals.
From: National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare

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view:1,496updated date:2017-09-12Back