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  1. Surgeon : Sei-Tan. Lu, M.D.
  2. Audiolgist: Hsiao-Ching. Su

Medical service

  1. Ear: Acute otitis media, Acute otitis externa, Chronic otitis media, otitis media effusion, hearing impairment, auricular sebaceous cyst, Vertigo.
  2. Nose: Allergic rhinitis, Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, Septal deviation, Acute paranasal sinusitis, Chronic paranasal sinusitis.
  3. Throat: Acute purulent tonsillitis, Quinsy, Acute epiglottitis, Chronic tonsillitis, Snoring, Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, Vocal cord nodule.
  4. Others: Acute sialoadenitis, Facial cellulites, Facial palsy, Foreign body retention of ear, nose and throat, Screen for head and neck tumor

Our mission

To provide the most comfortable environment and care for patients with disorders within ear, nose and throat and its related areas. To educate allied health personnel and patients the knowledge of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.